Women’s Networking Luncheon

Thursday, April 6, 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Lunch will be provided and you must select this option during registration if you intend to participate as this is a ticketed event, limited to the first 100 women members only.

The Women’s Networking Luncheon offers a forum for those interested in advancing the role of women in biomaterials. It provides an opportunity for women at all stages of their careers, from students to professionals, to network, exchange ideas and continue encouraging women in the challenging and rewarding field of biomaterials.  During the luncheon, a brief introduction of our panelists will be followed by a series of discussion starters and break-out sessions at individual tables. The subject of the panel discussion will be negotiation and will cover several topics of career development.



Student – Young Scientist Lunch:  Navigating Life as a Young Academic: Preparing for Academic and Industrial Careers.

Friday, April 7, 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Lunch provided. Select during registration if you intend to participate as this is a ticketed event, limited to the first 150 students.

SciPhD CEO Dr. Randall Ribaudo will be hosting a workshop focused on preparing for professional careers. Dr. Ribaudo emphasizes the importance of being competitive and successful as a professional scientist, regardless of whether in an industry or academic setting requires mastery of scientific, business and social skills.   Running an effective laboratory operation is like running a small business, and can benefit from applying best practices that have been developed by industry.  In this workshop we will look at how your scientific/technical skills combined with your business skills and social skills together make up the three identities that define your brand.  The same competencies that industry requires in order to be successful are equally important in developing and co-existing in a high-performing team in academic settings. Following the speaker there will be a lunch with invited professors to practice networking skills.